Etacryl – 02

Indications for use:
  • manufacturing of complete and partial removable-denture bases;


Strong points:

  • beneficial cosmetic effect due to denture translucency and introduction in material of «streaks» that imitate soft tissues of oral cavity;
  • introduction of oligomer in the liquid allows to reduce the residual monomer content;
  • prolonged time of molding mass pot life;
  • high degree of molding mass elasticity provides high accuracy reproduction of denture shape;


Application instructions:

  • powder-liquid ratio should be 2:1;
  • molding mass should be maintained in plastic state for 30 minutes;
  • carry out the process of polymerization in water bath or in a heating cabinet at gradually increased temperature up to 100-115°C within 40-50 minutes;
  • flask should cool down on its own;
  • treat and polish dentures after they are cooled down;


Complete set:

Powder                                                     300 g (2 packs)
Liquid 150 ml (1 vial)
Application instruction                                                                



Powder                                                     200 g (1 pack)
Liquid 100 ml (1 vial)
Application instruction