Artificial plastic teeth ESTEDENT-02

Artificial plastic teeth Estedent-02 are designed for application in prosthodontics for manufacturing of remov­able denture constructions.

Plastic teeth Estedent-02 are manufactured on base of cross-linked acrylic polymers. They have a fluorescent effect (teeth put into partial denture look harmoniously near natured teeth in ultra-violet rays).

Teeth Estedent-02 have a good chemical binding with denture base. Like their natural prototype teeth Estedent- 02 have optimal functional and cosmetic characteristics.

Teeth Estedent-02 are manufactured in accordance with “Vita” scale and consist of 9 shades: A2; A3; A3.5; B2; B3; C2; C3; D2; D3.  Due coloring scale Estedent-03 teeth comply with colors № 28, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 38, 40, 41.


Artificial plastic teeth ESTEDENT-02 are manufactured in the following sets:

  • 1 complete set (1х6 anterior upper teeth, 1х6 anterior lower teeth, 1х8 masticatory upper teeth, 1х8 masticatory lower teeth);
  • 4 complete sets (4х6 anterior upper teeth, 4х6 anterior lower teeth, 4х8 masticatory upper teeth, 4х8 masticatory lower teeth);
  • 1 container of  anterior upper teeth (contains 20 sets per 6 teeth);
  • 1 container of anterior lower teeth (contains 20 sets per 6 teeth);
  • 4 containers of masticatory teeth (contains 40 sets per 16 teeth);
  • 4 containers of complete teeth sets (contains 20 sets per 28 teeth);
There are 13 moulds of anterior upper teeth, 5 moulds of anterior lower teeth, 5 moulds of posterior teeth