Modewax MK multipurpose

Indications for use:
  • modeling of crowns, bridges;
  • connecting of bridge prosthesis components;


Strong points:

  • it is quickly rendered with electric spatula;
  • good fluidity and low shrinkage;
  • handy in work: beige or dark blue color;
  • opaque even in a thin layer;
  • possesses necessary hardness;
  • it is well scraped;
  • it is well processed by tools;
  • melting point at (78±3)ºC;
  • no ash residue after burning out;


Application instructions:

  • scoop required quantity of wax with the help of heatened electric spatula and apply on the model by drops;


Complete set:

  • wax hexahedron with mass 80 g, blue or beige color — 1 pc;
  • application instruction;